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NVBC Membership Choices

Membership in the Northern Virginia Brittany Club brings you together with others who share your interest in Brittanys and makes you a member of the American Brittany Club (ABC). You will receive information about regional and national club events, opportunities to participate in activities and make new friends. Additionally you will receive a subscription the American Brittany Magazine.

Active Member (Voting) Both Full and Associate memberships are available. Full membership gives you eligibility to vote for the board of directors and serve as an officer.

 Associate Member (Non-voting) Associate, non-voting, memberships are for family members and those who may be active members of other regional Brittany clubs. 

The easiest way to become a member, or renew your membership, is the online application on the American Brittany Club website. Go to: www.theamericanbrittanyclub.org. Click on “Inside ABC”, “Membership”. On the form identify “Northern Virginia” as your choice of Regional Club.

ABC dues for membership are $50/year for full members and $5/year for Associates. A part of those dues is returned to the regional club to support local activities and events.

For additional information, please contact NVBC Secretary, Barbara Bice at bbice1@verizon.net

Updated: January 14, 2021