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About Brittanys

A medium size, strong, energetic hunter, the Brittany was originally developed in the 1850's from crossing English Setters and French Spaniels. This produced an athletic dog that today boasts more Dual Champions (holding both conformation and field titles) than any other sporting breed. Brittanys have passed the test upon every type of game for which pointing dogs are used. They have the disposition of the best house dog. They excel in the field, obedience, agility and show rings, and make excellent therapy dogs. They are happy, alert and intelligent, and require a home with an active lifestyle. 

NVBC members are committed to the Brittany. When asked, each will have multiple reasons on why the Brittany is the right breed for them. Like any breed, the decision to own a Brittany requires understanding of the breed and close alignment with your expectations as an owner.
The following ratings are based on research of current literature and personal experience of the webmaster. These general characteristics hold for both genders and are meant to serve as a basic guideline. Every Brittany is an individual and not easily categorized with consistent breed qualities. If there is a constant across the breed it is the desire for love and affection.
Trait Less                                                 Average                                                                Most
               paws                  paws  paws                  paws  paws  paws             paws  paws  paws  paws            paws  paws  paws  paws  paws
paws  paws  paws  paws 
paws  paws  paws  paws  paws  
Athletic stamina
paws  paws  paws  paws 
paws  paws  paws  paws  paws  
paws  paws  paws  paws  paws  
paws  paws  paws  paws 
Good with children
paws  paws  paws  paws 
Good with other pets
paws  paws  paws  paws 
paws  paws 
Health issues
paws  paws  paws  paws
paws  paws  paws  paws  paws  
paws  paws  paws  paws  paws  
paws  paws  paws  paws
Wanting to please
paws  paws  paws  paws  paws  

Before adding a Brittany to your family, we stronlgy suggest researching the Brittany breed, and watching Brittanys in action (in the field, the ring, and in their homes). We also recommend spending time with several Brittanys, and taking with their owners, handlers and other family members. You and your family and friends are welcome to join us and our Brittanys at NVBC events.

As a starting point for your research, we suggest the following resources:

American Brittany Rescue - This link provides guidance in what a Brittany needs, deciding between male or female, puppy, juvenile or adult dog, and field or show breeding. Suggestions on the various competitions Brittanys participate in is also included.

 American Brittany Club - ABC Code of Ethics, adopted November 30, 1996, has principles to be used as an educational guide and a tool for Brittany breeders for the purpose of developing more genetic and disease free dogs, while being ethical in all matters with the public.

Recommended Brittany Resources