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About NVBC

Since 1973 we have been dedicated to the promotion of cooperation and friendship among breeders and owners of Brittanys and to encourage higher standards in breeding, training and showing of Brittanys in the field and in the show ring; to discourage the breed from becoming split into groups of "field dogs" and "bench dogs" and to strive to keep it forever a "dual dog."

A historical recap of the NVBC was written by Pete Hilgartner in 1988 with contributions from Fred Angel and Dean McDowell, all original club members. Our club's histroy is linked on the website menu "History of NVBC."

Our club currently has dozens of members representing some 100 dogs from Vermont to North Carolina and New Mexico with the concentration of membership in Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia. Our members are experienced in AKC judging, obedience training, agility training, field trialing, bench showing, hunting, and breeding and raising Brittanys from pets to champions.

Whether you are considering owning your first Brittany, have Brittanys as part of your life, or just enjoy the breed, we look forward to sharing the joys of Brittanys with you. You are invited to join us at any of our events(listed in the drop down menu above) held throughout the year.

Contact us if we can provide any information about Brittanys. Better yet, join the NVBC - your Brittany will thank you!

You can apply for club membership here or ask a question about our club or Brittanys by contacting NVBC webmaster Tom Mauter.