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NVBC Awards

The members of Northern Virginia Brittany Club live our logo: Brittany: A Dual Dog. It is the dedication of the Northern Virginia Brittany Club members to training and competing with their Brittanys in the ring and field that bring this logo to life.

To honor the accomplishments of our members and their dogs, NVBC annually recognizes these accomplishments. Recognition takes several forms:
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Dog of the Year

Presidents CupsThese awards are for sanctioned field, show, hunt test, and obedience and agility competition for events held November 1st through October 31st.  Deadline for submission to be received by USPS, UPS or FedEx is November 7th to allow time for preparation of certificates and awards. Club members furnish proof of the award eligibility including the AKC registered name of the dogdate of birth, and the owner(s) of record for all categoriesFor other than owner handled dogs, points will be awarded at a ½ rate of points schedules in official AKC events.

  • Field competitors provide the name of the stake, sponsoring club, stake dates, number of starters and placements awarded.
  • Show competitor provide the name of the event and sponsoring club, date of the event, the highest placement received including reserve wins, the number of points awarded, and the number of dogs/bitches in competition.
  • Hunt Test competitors provide the name of the event and sponsoring club, date of the event, and qualifying scores.
  • Obedience and Agility competitors provide name of the event and sponsoring club, date of the event, the qualifying score received, the placement received, and the number of dog/bitches who competed.

Note: No dog will be awarded this recognition more than two years consecutively.


Angel Award

Brittany AngelNamed after NVBC founding and long time member Fred Angel, this annual award is presented to a NVBC member, exclusive of members of  the Board of Directors, who is involved in Club activities and/or contributes his/her time for the betterment of the club.

This highly esteemed award in presented at the end of the year during the Northern Virginia Brittany Club's annual holiday dinner and awards program.

President's Cup

PresidentsCupNVBC awards a President’s Cup to NVBC members who have put a title on his or her Brittany during the year (November 1st – October 31st). Titles include a Field Champion, Amateur Field Champion, Show Champion, a Master or Senior Hunter, an Obedience Title or an Agility Title.  The appropriate AKC title certificate must be submitted via USPS, UPS or FedEx to be received no later than November 9th. The President Cup awards will be presented at the club’s Holiday Party in December.

Note: To be more efficient and to save on expenses for the club, dogs that have earned a President's cup in the past, we will be using their cups for additional engraving on new titles earned. Accordingly, the cups need to be received by the November 9th deadline as well.  It’s the owner’s responsibility for expenses incurred in shipping the cups.

Although a President’s cup is not awarded for a Junior Hunter title, NVBC recognizes this accomplishment in our NVBC Dog of the Year ad published in the American Brittany Club (ABC) magazine. Please send a copy of the AKC Junior Hunter title certificate within the same time frame.

Jake's Plates

Jakes_PlateJake’s Plates are annual NVBC awards in memory of Jacob of Sterling, CDX, JH “Jake”. The plates are awarded to NVBC members and their Brittanys excelling in obedience and field work based upon points accumulated in AKC Obedience and Hunt Test categories conducted between November 1st and October 31st. For other than owner-handled dogs, points will be awarded at a ½ rate of the schedule. A schedule is in place to determine the ‘points’ for the highest scoring obedience dog. The member shall keep a record of the name of the trial giving club, the trial date, the numerical score earned, the number of dogs competing, the number of dogs beaten, and the placements (1st-4th) earned for each qualifying score.

The schedule of points for the Hunt Test category requires members to keep a record of the test giving club, the test date, and the numerical average score earned for each qualifying score.


If you have any questions or need help with NVBC Awards information, please contact: 
Joann Anders
337 Lakeway Rd
Mineral, VA  23117-4807
540-894-5826, rjabritnys@aol.com


All NVBC awards (President's cup, Dog of the Year & Jake’s Plates) will only be available to members who make a contribution of time and effort to the club. Contributions may include but are not limited to the following: Actively chair an event (field trial, hunt test, specialty show, fun/training event), breeder referral or nomination committee, commit to work an event (planting birds, sending out premiums, getting judges, arranging lunch at club events, hosting annual meeting/holiday party), or hold a position on the Board of Directors.